Manufacturing process

  • Modern and functional architecture of single-family and multi-family buildings developed by leading Polish architects;
  • Easy adaptation of the POLDAN House proprietary prefabrication system to the developer's architectural concept;
  • Sturdy, precise and lightweight wooden structure joined with the highest quality steel fasteners, suitable for use on soils with low bearing capacity like sands or loess soils;
  • Excellent thermal insulation of the house envelope, i.e. U ≤ 0.16 W/(m2 x K), which exceeds the 2020 Technical Conditions for Poland that stipulate the thermal insulation of the building envelope to be: U ≤ 0.16 W/(m2xK);
  • Exterior walls moisture resistance, as the building envelope is open to diffusion and the dew point has been properly situated in the wall structure;
  • No polystyrene (PS) derivatives in the exterior walls, i.e. no polystyrene foam (EPS) or extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), which are the insulation materials most troublesome for the environment due to their long-term biodegradation process;
  • Installation of all systems within the walls and ceilings or under the so-called installation walls fixed on battens to selected walls from the inside.

Our homes and multi-family buildings:

  • Technical issues are taken care of using CADWORK®, the most comprehensive CAD/CAM software for timber frame construction;
  • Our prefabricates are produced on an automated MBA-J.J.Smith® line, equipped with CNC working bridges and clamping tables that ensure excellent geometry of the prefabricated products, as well as high precision in sheathing and milling;
  • Our prefabricates are made exclusively from CE-certified GL24H wood provided by POLDAN Woodworking Factory, the parent company of the POLDAN Group;
  • We sheath and cover the walls with Fermacell® gypsum fiber boards and cement fiber boards, the best sheathing material for wood-frame buildings today;
  • We insulate the house from the outside with Steicoprotect boards manufactured by STEICO SE, the European leader in insulating wood-based materials; this gives our buildings high thermal insulation and protection from moisture;